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Your teeth and your smile are a part of your personality. When you have healthy teeth, they can build your self-confidence and contribute to your overall well-being. A healthy, beautiful smile feels good! If you have missing teeth or have issues with your current teeth, we’re here to help. Take a look at our restorative dentistry procedures designed to repair your natural teeth and extend your oral health.

Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth? Available as a single or multiple tooth replacement procedure, dental implants are a durable alternative to dentures, bridges, and crowns. Our implants are designed to integrate with your jawbone without affecting any surrounding teeth or gums, giving you the solution you need to restore your smile to its natural state. Replace your missing teeth with our dental implant procedure today.

Full Upper removable Dentures, Z Dentistry, Roanoke, TX


Dentures are a multi-teeth replacement option for patients with several or all missing teeth. From partial dentures to full upper and lower removable dentures, we can do most devices in-house. Depending on your specific case and the type of denture you get, the process could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. 


In certain situations where you’re missing a tooth or have decay, our restorative dentists may recommend a dental bridge for your teeth. Compared to implants or fillings, bridges are dependent on surrounding teeth and are designed to replace gaps in your smile with an artificial tooth. Learn more about our bridge restoration by getting in touch with our dentistry team.

FAQs About Dental Restorations

How Do Crowns, Bridges, and Implants Differ?

A crown is used over an existing tooth to improve or restore a tooth’s appearance and to prevent further decay or damage. A bridge fills in the empty space between natural teeth or implants that was left by a missing tooth.

Bridges are dependent on other teeth. Implants are independent of other teeth and are a permanent solution.


One of the most common restorative procedures for cavities is a dental filling. Designed to replace and seal decayed parts of your teeth, fillings are used to restore the surface of a tooth after a cavity is removed. We use a composite resin, which is a durable tooth-colored material that ensures a natural-looking appearance. Repair your cavities by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Root Canals

Have you been told you need a root canal? It may seem daunting due to clout around root canal procedures, but your experience should be the same as most other dental treatments. Dr. Smith loves to perform root canals and tries to keep all of your treatment in-house. However, if you are better suited in the hands of a specialist, called an endodontist, he will let you know.
What is a Root Canal?

It’s a dental procedure where the inside of your tooth, the roots, are cleaned and disinfected where an infection is present. A covering will be placed over the access opening and, most of the time, a crown must also be placed over the tooth.

Dental Crowns, Z Dentistry, Roanoke, TX


Designed to restore cracked, chipped, or decaying teeth, dental crowns or caps are protective coverings placed on existing teeth. It depends on your particular situation, but crowns can be temporary or permanent. In some cases, crowns also work as a cosmetic alternative to repair oddly shaped or discolored teeth. Learn more about our crown procedure by requesting an appointment today.

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