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Are you in extreme dental pain or need immediate help in repairing a tooth? Whether you bit something too hard, suffered damage from a car accident, or need same-day dentistry services, we’re fully equipped to handle your dental emergency. We know that dental issues need immediate attention from a professional dentist in order to reduce any outstanding effects or tooth abnormalities. Get out of pain quickly and determine the root of your dental emergency by scheduling an appointment now.

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Emergency Dental Services


Common Dental Emergency Procedures

The proper emergency dental treatment depends on your condition, and Dr. Z will provide you with a treatment recommendation after your emergency visit to Z Dentistry. Here are a few of the most common dental emergency procedures:

Root canal therapy

Tooth infections are one of the most common dental emergencies, and root canal therapy is the best way to restore infected teeth. In a root canal, Dr. Z will clean out the inside of your tooth, disinfect it, and then cap it with a dental crown to protect it.

Fillings and dental crowns

Dental crowns and fillings may be needed to replace old, worn-out dental work, or to repair severely decayed teeth. Dental crowns and fillings are also ideal for repairing cracked, chipped, and broken teeth.

Tooth extractions

Our goal is always to save your natural teeth. But in some cases, removing a damaged or infected tooth may be the best way to safeguard your oral health and relieve your pain. After your extraction, we can also explore the best ways to replace your missing tooth, such as dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

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Should I Go To The ER For Tooth Pain?

Typically, the answer is “no.” The emergency room is meant to be a place where you go if you have life-threatening injuries that require urgent and immediate attention. While tooth pain can be extremely painful and interfere with your daily life, it does not typically indicate a life-threatening issue.

Most ERs do not have dentists on staff, so they may simply refer you to an emergency dentist if you show up with tooth pain. Even if the ER you visit does have a dentist, you will typically have to pay a very high price for care, since emergency room treatment is very expensive.

If you have a painful tooth in Northlake, TX, the best thing to do is to see an emergency dentist like Dr. Z and the team at Z Dentistry. We can provide you with the expert care you need to save your tooth, eliminate your pain, and get back to your normal daily routine.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Emergencies?

Yes. Most dental insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost of emergency tooth extractions  up to all applicable policy limits. Most insurance plans will cover between 50% and 80% of the cost of treatment, up to your annual maximum. Your deductible will usually be applied as well. Keep in mind that many dental plans don’t cover the cost of a bone graft, typically required when removing a tooth. There also may be other procedures required in conjunction with a tooth extraction to properly perform the surgery. 

The specifics do vary between insurers and plans, so  we recommend contacting your insurance company directly to review your policy and coverage details. .


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