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Pediatric Dentistry

Quality dental health treatments come in all shapes and sizes! Our Roanoke dentist Dr. Z understands the unique dental care that young smiles need in order to maintain great oral health as they continue to develop. With pediatric dental services at Z Dentistry, child patients can have an enjoyable dental experience that will help them to conquer their fears.

Our office sees young patients starting at age 7, and provides family-friendly movies on a ceiling TV to watch during dental visits. It can help to ease anxiety during a procedure and keep their minds distracted. For entertainment, we offer a kids’ tablet in the lobby filled with learning and age-appropriate games to keep them occupied. Our goal is to provide a calm environment for your entire family, making each visit as worry-free as possible.

    Our Pediatric Dental Services

    • Teeth Cleanings – Every 6 months as part of your preventative care plan
    • Fluoride – A fluoride treatment can be applied to prevent tooth decay and maintain healthy teeth.
    • Routine Checkups – Essential for preventing cavities and catching any problems early before pain and larger issues occur.
    • Dental Sealants – If deemed necessary, the doctor can apply a clear sealant to a child’s teeth to prevent cavities.
    • Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide sedation options for longer treatments or surgical procedures.
    • Pediatric Specialists- In some instances, if a child requires an extensive amount of dentistry or the child is too young, we may refer them to a pediatric specialist in the area who only sees children. He can also perform IV sedation for kids where traditional sedation methods, like nitrous gas, does not help.

    In-Office Education

    Teaching your kids about the importance of oral hygiene will help them to understand the necessity of their routine dental visits. Dr. Smith will show and teach children how to properly brush and floss teeth during their visit. This will help young children to brave their fear of going to the dentist and ensure they’re on the right path toward a healthy smile.

    Emergency Dental Care

    Being prepared in the case of an emergency is crucial. When emergencies do happen, we want our children to feel safe and secure knowing that they’re in the right hands. Parents can count on the dental care team at Z Dentistry to handle emergency visits quickly so that your kids can get the care required in a timely manner. The sooner they can return to being happy playing sports and enjoying hobbies again, the better.

    Chipped or broken teeth can be a scary situation for your little ones. Fortunately, you can count on same-day appointments to get out of pain quickly, in an environment that calms a racing mind. Dr. Smith will do what it takes to help kids in emergency dental situations to feel their best before, during, and after their visit.