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Registered Dental Assistant

*No Insurance Benefits currently, but competitive compensation offered

*$14-$25/ hour depending on experience, skills, and qualifications

*Full time: 37 hours per week expected (sometimes more)
Wed, Thurs, Fri, Saturday, 9:15 AM – 6:00 PM (most days. Saturday until 5:00 PM)

Are you looking to work at an upbeat, private practice that has a close-knit team? If so, Z Dentistry is the place for you! Our growing practice has allowed us to provide a job opportunity for a Registered Dental Assistant.

  • Our opportunity is for a full time or part time, experienced, outgoing assistant that is eager to learn and to teach.
  • Our culture is that of a close-knit crew that runs with high energy and is constantly evolving.
  • Our practice is best explained through actually living our mission and vision statement daily –
    “At Z Dentistry, we deliver an unrivaled patient experience through real connections and modern comprehensive dentistry. And our vision is to be a widely trusted place where people value creating healthy smiles.”

Qualifications: Registered Dental Assistant in Texas

What We Have to Offer

Our Culture

  • Facilitate growth of crew members
  • Family owned and ran
  • Open communication between crew members
  • Morning huddles
  • Constantly evolving and improving
  • Casual and fun, yet professional work environment
  • Shared duties

Our Style of Dentistry

  • Limited to patients 7yo and up
  • Treatment options for every budget
  • Comprehensive: Broad range of general dentistry services, including: Hygiene, Cosmetic, Surgery, Implants, Perio, Removeable, Restorative
  • Modern: Up to date materials and methods, Handheld x-ray units that take images in the treatment rooms
  • Relationship centered

Expectations and Offerings

  • Dental assisting experience
  • Ability to take radiographs
  • Positive, High energy
  • Eager to learn AND teach
  • Willing for constant improvement
  • Detail oriented
  • Competitive compensation (No benefits or retirement plans at this time)
  • Full time: 37+ hours per week expected, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Saturday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM most days, 45min lunches OR Part time: 2 days per week, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (most days) with a 45 minute lunch
  • Paid time off  (for full time employees)
  • Average and above computer skills: Digital practice management software (we use Dentrix Ascend)
  • Average and above Cleanliness and Organization
  • Ability to take simple phone calls.
  • Cross training

Apply Now!

Fill out the following form or send your resume to zdentistrydfw@gmail.com to apply for a position at our office.