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top 10 questions at the dentist: CAN I GET TEETH WHITENING?

Published on: May 30, 2020

Now that summer is here, many patients are wondering how they can get their teeth more white for a vacation or stay-cation. Bleaching is a simple and painless cosmetic dental process that can give you lasting results when done properly and under a dentist’s supervision. And, with our half-price teeth whitening special for new patients, it’s never been a better time to begin!


Did you know that teeth whitening comes with a series of steps before the bleaching actually starts? In order to provide quality care, we will first give new patients a comprehensive oral exam, take a full series of x-rays, provide a custom treatment plan, and conduct a cleaning. If Dr. Z determines your mouth is healthy and ready to proceed with whitening, we can start your custom-tray fabrication that same day!


You have likely heard of several different types of bleaching — all the way from over-the-counter products you can purchase at a grocery store to custom trays and in-office treatment. At Z Dentistry, we believe the best results are those from custom take-home whitening. Dr. Z will go over exactly how to use your bleach and his recommendations based on your case and taking your individual medical history into consideration.

Consistency is key for a pearly white smile that will last 1-3 months depending on your eating and drinking habits. Things like tea, coffee, and wine, can shorten that time span. So, if you want the best bang for your buck, avoid non-clear beverages during your whitening treatment.


Bleaching can be a small investment for some people, and we want to make sure you are getting the most out of the money and time you are spending with us and on your teeth. That’s why we use the highest-quality product on the market, called Opalescence. Your half-price treatment comes with these top-notch features:

  • Custom-made trays by Dr. Z in our very own lab
  • Start fabrication the same day as your cleaning visit
  • Professional before and after photos to see how your shade changes!
  • An entire kit of Opalescence bleach material
  • A slick and slim case for your trays
  • An Opalescence teeth whitening toothpaste to aid your bleaching efforts
  • Guidance and instructions by Dr. Z, along with assisted treatment


Look your best just in time for summer with our half off bleaching special for new patients — a $350 value! Our dedicated team and doctor is always available to answer your questions about teeth whitening services and new, non-insurance patients can combine this offer with our $50 Exam/X-rays/Custom Treatment Plan. With these combined savings, you won’t spend a ton on your smile, yet still get the results you desire. Reach us via email or phone during office hours for more information or book your appointment now!

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