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Cosmetic Dentistry from Dr. Z Makes Improved Smile a Reality

Published on: Jan 1, 2021

Northlake, Texas – You want to improve your smile but unsure of what to do and where to go? The answer – you go to the best dentist in Northlake, Texas for help. Dr. Z and his team will make your dream smile a reality through their cosmetic dentistry service.

Dr. Z – Dr. Zachary R. Smith, dentist, and owner of Z Dentistry – is one of the best dentists in the city of Northlake, Texas. So if you’re a resident of the city or even nearby areas, who better to trust the improvement of your smile as well as your other dental health care needs.

Z Dentistry offers several solutions when it comes to the question of how to improve one’s smile. The answer will depend on the individual and the circumstances of his or her dental health. It will be resolved with a simple procedure from our cosmetic dentistry options. Or it might require something more comprehensive that will require more time and effort. Everything is customized to the needs of each patient.

One of the major cosmetic dentistry services offered by Z Dentistry is veneers. Veneers help make a significant cosmetic improvement to your smile’s appearance. It’s great for hiding flaws such as cracks, stains, chips, and discoloration. It can even be used to change the shape and size of your teeth.

Another fine example of their cosmetic dentistry service is custom teeth whitening. Your beautiful smile isn’t going to mean much if your teeth are yellow, brown, or dingy-looking. Discoloration can be a serious problem and teeth whitening can help you make that confident and pretty smile.

About Z Dentistry – Z Dentistry is owned by the best dentist in Northlake, Texas, Dr. Zachary R. Smith. His emphasis is on relationship-based care for his patients while at the same time utilizing the office’s comprehensive list of dental care services. Dr. Z has managed to strike a careful balance in his career and his personal interests and with his dental practice at its very core.

Dr. Z received his education from the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. After graduating, he decided to further expand his technical skills by earning a specialty certificate in a one-year advanced education in general dentistry program at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas.

Aside from being a top dentist, Dr. Z has other interests that keep him busy. The main being his involvement in endurance athletics where he regularly competes as a high-level endurance athlete. He has competed in events such as triathlons and marathons.

Being a person of varied interests, Dr. Z aims to incorporate the same passion that he has for his life outside the office into his practice. The hope is that he and the team at Z Dentistry are able to use all of their experience and abilities to create a truly welcoming environment that will make all patients feel like family.

If you have any dental health concerns or simply want to have your teeth checked, request an appointment at the office. You can count on their friendly and knowledgeable front desk to answer any questions you might have about your dental health.


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