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Share the Smiles: Z Dentistry Referral Program

Published on: Jan 13, 2023
Share the Smiles: Z Dentistry Referral Program

The valued patients of Z Dentistry are what make our job so rewarding! We greatly appreciate the trust you put in our expert care and dentistry services when it comes to your oral health. As a token of our appreciation, we have launched a great opportunity for patients to share the smiles with friends and family in the local Roanoke, TX area. 

As a thank you, we have started a referral program that rewards both our patients and the people they refer to Z Dentistry in Roanoke, TX! Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to every patient, resulting in the best experiences. If you are happy with your experience, we hope that you will tell others about us!

Dentistry Referral Rewards

Not all dentists provide the boutique dental care Dr. Z offers his patients. At Z Dentistry, we’re happy to see referred patients who feel comfortable walking into our office due to what they’ve heard. By spreading the word about our boutique dentistry care for every budget, your friends and family will feel at ease knowing the dentist they have chosen is highly recommended! 

How Our Program Works

In order to qualify for the ZD Referral Program, the person being referred must be a new patient at Z Dentistry and complete a visit at our office with a mention of the offer. The person being referred will receive their reward at the conclusion of their first visit, and the patient who makes the referral will receive a notification and a $25 credit to their Z Dentistry account (with no limit on each patient referred!) the same day their friend or family member concludes their appointment. Your referral receives $20 cash at their first scheduled appointment with us!

  • This offer is subject to cancelation at any time without notice.
  • This offer is only applicable to adults 21 years old and over.
  • The credit cannot be redeemed for cash or check–must be on the patient’s account to use for future dental services at our office.
  • Credits do not expire
  • See our full Referral Program details for additional exclusions and limitations

Share The Smiles Today!

If you know someone who wants a brighter smile, needs teeth restored, or simply needs a dentist they can trust, we hope you tell them about Z Dentistry! Get in touch with our office for more information about our referral program and how you can earn rewards by referring patients to our boutique dental practice for every budget. 


Our favorite smiles are those from happy patients