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Infection Control

Our Infection Control Process

As businesses start to re-open after the COVID-19 virus closures, infection control is at the top of everyone’s mind. How can you keep you and your family safe while returning to a somewhat normal life?

To help ease fears and inform patients of how we are keeping our office, team members, and visitors safe, we have created this guide about infection control at the dentist.

Even before and well after COVID-19, Z Dentistry is committed to maintaining CDC recommendations on infection control at the dentist, taking extreme precautions, and performing extra sterilization and disinfection measures. Our main goal is to keep every patient that walks through our door happy and healthy while still providing an unrivaled patient experience through real connections and modern comprehensive dentistry.

Hand Hygiene

Did you know that practicing proper hand hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent infections from spreading among patients and dental office workers? It’s true — and, it’s also a simple means of protection.

In addition, our team uses an alcohol-based hand gel throughout the day, after touching surfaces like counter tops, using computers, opening doors, and more.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is a combination of safety items our dental team wears to keep both themselves and patients safe. This includes disposable medical gowns, masks, eye coverings, and gloves.

We take extra caution to switch out masks after every patient, routinely switch gloves during a procedure when needed, and dispose of gowns after every patient visit.

  • Wear gloves during every procedure, with every patient, and during simple oral exams. As well as when cleaning rooms, instruments, and equipment.
  • We use disposable gloves so that no one pair is used on different patients. In addition, we switch out gloves at least once with the same patient.
  • Washing hands immediately after taking gloves off.
  • Wearing disposable gowns for every procedure and not wearing the same gown for more than one patient.
  • Wearing masks during every procedure. During high virus times (like COVID-19), all staff members will wear masks the entire day, throughout the office, including the front desk. Masks will be switched out between patients and when leaving an operating room.

Respiratory Hygiene

In order to keep both patients and dental team members staff, and in accordance with the CDC, Z Dentistry will ask anyone entering our office with respiratory infection symptoms including coughing to return home and reschedule their appointment for a later date. In addition, we follow the guidelines listed below to maintain infection control at the dentist.
  • Signs posted in our lobby about cough etiquette
  • Tissues, hand sanitizer, and a no-touch trash receptacle available for patients in the lobby
  • Asking patients who come in with sick symptoms or who are sick to wear a mask
  • Educate staff on respiratory hygiene procedures and CDC guidelines

Sterilization & Disinfection

We follow appropriate disinfection guidelines from the CDC for dental instruments, equipment, and products. Our staff is taking extra steps to ensure all surfaces that a patient may come into contact with is thoroughly disinfected after each appointment. This includes counter tops, door handles, chairs, and light switches.
  • Wiping down patient contact surfaces
  • Using disposable barriers on dental equipment in each room
  • Disinfecting each room after a patient procedure is complete. This includes, removing/disposing of all barriers, using a medical grade disinfectant on all surfaces, wiping down chairs, and spraying all products used or touched.
  • Running all instruments through an Ultra Sonic and Autoclave sterilization machine after every patient.


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