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Professional vs. Commercial Teeth Whitening

Published on: May 27, 2021

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, it can be tempting to purchase a product online or at the grocery store. But if you want the most bang for your buck, professional teeth whitening is hands-down, the best way to go.

Even, Consistent Color

Commercial teeth whitening products are one size fits all. Their application systems won’t hug all of the contours of your teeth or keep bleach exactly where it needs to be.

With a professionally fitted whitening tray, you can expect even results across each of your teeth. Plus, if used correctly, you won’t have to worry about extra material spilling onto your gums and causing extra sensitivity.

Custom Whitening Provides Better Results

A professional whitening system contains stronger, highly-concentrated bleaching gel that you can’t buy online or in a store. That means you are getting more active ingredients per use, which translates to better results. A small amount of gel goes a long way! This means you can conserve your bleach to make it last longer. Within your first day, you will see results but over 4-6 weeks you can get the ideal shade you are looking for!

Professional Whitening Saves You Money

The one-time investment in whitening trays means you’ll always be able to whiten unless the shape of your teeth changes. Since the gel lasts a long time and only requires a small amount for each use, you can store it in the refrigerator between occasional touch-ups.

Custom Trays Make Touch-ups Easy

To keep your smile bright, we recommend touching up your teeth about once per month. However, every patient is different. Maintenance depends on your habits like drinking coffee, tea, or red wine. These things will likely have you doing a whitening touch-up more often. Also, the whiter you bleach your teeth, the more often you have to do a touch-up application. Simply apply a small dot of gel in each tooth reservoir and wear your trays overnight. There’s no need to purchase an entirely new kit every time you want to freshen up your smile.

A Simple, Affordable Smile Enhancement

Professional teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to enhance your natural smile. If you’re ready for a smile makeover but don’t want to commit to something like porcelain veneers or Invisalign, teeth whitening is a perfect, non-invasive, highly predictable place to start!

Contact Z Dentistry today. A brighter smile is just a call away!

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