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Dental Insurance Alternatives to Consider

Published on: Dec 30, 2022
Dental Insurance Alternatives to Consider Z Dentistry

At Z Dentistry, we’re committed to helping all patients get the dental health care they need, for a price within their budget. If you’re uninsured, our dental insurance alternatives can help you get the smile you want in the new year. 

Insurance isn’t an option for everyone, but there are ways to financially plan for your dental treatments. If you aren’t using your dental benefits, or you don’t have dental coverage, consider these alternatives: 

In-House Membership Plan

The ZD Membership Plan for uninsured patients makes your required dental work more affordable! Receive 12 Months of 30% off most services and free fluoride, with no autorenewals and no contracts. Our in-house membership is not insurance, meaning no benefits are denied. 

With no maximum, you can use your discount for as much or as little dental work as you need. Self-employed patients typically see a lower out-of-pocket cost with in-house membership plans than individual dental plan premiums.

Financing with Alpheon or Care Credit

Alpheon Financing Credit gives uninsured patients a way to invest in their dental care without paying everything upfront. Patients can pay monthly payments, making dental financing hassle-free. The user-friendly payment calculator on their website will help you to find which plan is best for your budget. 

With the CareCredit credit card, you’ll always have a convenient way to pay for dental care. CareCredit gives you financing options for everything from routine teeth exams and cleanings to cosmetic dental procedures and orthodontics. No membership requirements are needed to apply for CareCredit.

Don’t Let Insurance Dictate The Dental Treatment You Need

Don’t fret if you’re without insurance! Z Dentistry is happy to help you find the right dental insurance alternative for your desired dental treatment. ‘

Get in touch with us today to discuss your financing options!


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