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Pediatric Dentistry

Here at Z Dentistry, we know that going to the dentist can be stressful for any child. This is why Dr. Z and his staff take extra steps to make sure each patient who comes through our doors feels as comfortable as possible—so that no one feels afraid of the dentist.

We Make It Fun!

When your child comes into Z Dentistry, they can start their experience with our video game area in our lobby, as well as the toys and games we have for our younger kids to play with while waiting for their appointment. When it is time for your child’s appointment, they can enjoy having movies and cartoons playing on a TV screen on the ceiling when they are in the chair. This is a great way to keep kids happy and distracted during their appointments.

Don’t worry parents, in addition to all of these fun perks; our primary focus is still on quality dental care. Take a look at some of the pediatric dental services we offer.

Preventative Care


This is a topical treatment that can be applied to prevent tooth decay and to maintain healthy teeth.


We recommend semi-annual check-ups to help prevent cavities and catch any problems early before they become a more serious issue.


In some instances, Dr. Z can provide a clear sealant to your child’s teeth to help prevent developing cavities.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition is a crucial part of the developmental process for our body, teeth, and gums. We recommend eating a well-balanced diet with limited sugar. Avoid citrus, sticky, and hard foods.

In-Office Education

At Z Dentistry, we know that coming in for routine check-ups is only half the battle. Kids also need to know how to take care of their teeth when they are at home, too! This is why Dr. Z takes the time to show and teach children how to properly brush and floss so they can continue to provide excellent care for their teeth at home.

Emergency Dental Services

Sometimes emergencies happen—, especially with kids. Whether your child has gotten hurt in a sports game, fallen off their bike and chipped a tooth or is experiencing severe tooth pain—we are here to help.

We offer flexible hours for dental emergency services to make sure we can help your child as quickly as possible. We also do our best to provide same-day services with emergencies like this so that we can get patients out of pain and back on the road to a healthy mouth as quickly as possible!


If your child is playing sports, then it is important that they take the extra steps to keep their teeth safe and well-protected while they are in the game. This is why we offer custom sportsguards.

These are not the standard mouthguards your child receives from their coach—these are custom-made in our office from impressions. This means your child’s mouthguard will be perfectly molded to their teeth so they are super comfortable and won’t slip or fall off.

Here’s what else you can expect from our custom sportsguards:

  • Fun colors and designs
  • A sleek, less bulky design
  • More protection than a standard mouthguard
  • Designed to fit for kids in all sports

These mouthguards were created by dental professionals and designed to prevent dental emergencies such as broken teeth from sports-related injuries.


Our favorite smiles are those from happy patients